2021 Half Year Team Building Activity

To celebrate the successful completion?of sales task in the first half of 2021, and?the record-breaking sales?in June,?BannerBio Shenzhen team held a celebrating?event with the theme of "Happy work, happy life, be innovative?and forge ahead" on July 23.


The main purpose of this event?is to enhance employee’s?trust in the team and others through a series of team activities, and to cultivate teamwork spirit, so that team members have a more positive and optimistic attitude towards life and work.

The atmosphere of the entire game was relaxing?and pleasant with everyone actively participated. For team honor, everyone worked together, helped each other, showed their talents, and contributed their own meager strength to the team in the activity.


This team building activity?not only enhanced the cohesion of the team, but also the relationship between colleagues. In the future, we believe that?our team?will be more efficient, cooperative,united?and?innovative, and create greater glories!


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